rules for commenting
by Gamerman

some quick rules before you comment:

1. no profanity. If some people may call it a bad word, maybe not the best idea. Worsds like "Freakin' " and "crud" are fine.

2. please keep comments relative to the comic. Nothing like "how are you today?" or something worse.

3. no pervitedness.

Sick week
by Gamerman

Not doing a comic this week. I've been sick since monday.

week off
by Gamerman

I need a week off. I'm not doing a new comic this week. In the mean time, this gives you more time to cast those votes that I only got 3 of.

Seriously people, that's sad! MORE VOTES. Then maybe I'll post more comics.

Vote Start!
by Gamerman

Voting for the end of the train arc begins now!

Go to #40, and leave me a comment to vote!

Let's see how many veiwers I really have.

celerbrate prezidents day, even if you aren't from the USA!
by Gamerman

This coming monday, I'm going to post a alternate ending to 37, for prezidents day.

I had two ideas for 37, and one of them didn't make the cut.

So enjoy the only filler that doesn't take up the normal weekly slot!