celerbrate prezidents day, even if you aren't from the USA!
by Gamerman

This coming monday, I'm going to post a alternate ending to 37, for prezidents day.

I had two ideas for 37, and one of them didn't make the cut.

So enjoy the only filler that doesn't take up the normal weekly slot!

Filler week
by Gamerman

Sorry, I didn't have time to do a comic this week, And I was kinda getting bored with it.

So, I'm taking this week off, and posting some filler. Please don't hate me, oh 4 subscribers of mine!

That's my curent count btw.... how sad.

More comics next week. Now if you excuse me, I sould make more filler in case this happens again....

Happy holidays!
by Gamerman

Happy holidays everyone! I sould have worked on this stuff earlier.... but I got lazy :)

Error Eradicated.
by Gamerman

So, I'm obviously back in action. As an apollogy for last week,

I posted an alternate ending to one of my comics. I've been saving it for a rainy day.

Technical difficulties
by Gamerman
So, I can't update the webcomic this week, which makes me very upset. I'm having T.D., and I'm posting this from my 3DS. Sorry for the inconvience, comics will return next week. :[