Happy holidays!
by gamerman14

Happy holidays everyone! I sould have worked on this stuff earlier.... but I got lazy :)

Error Eradicated.
by gamerman14

So, I'm obviously back in action. As an apollogy for last week,

I posted an alternate ending to one of my comics. I've been saving it for a rainy day.

Technical difficulties
by gamerman14
So, I can't update the webcomic this week, which makes me very upset. I'm having T.D., and I'm posting this from my 3DS. Sorry for the inconvience, comics will return next week. :[
#25, begginng of the minni-plot, chaptering
by gamerman14

So, the 25 comic in the main series is up. w00t!

Also, I began the 25th comic celebration mini plot. uberness!

Finally, comics are now chaptered. meh.

#25! w00t!
by gamerman14

Happy 25 comics!

As a special gift to the fans, next week we'll start a mini plot where stinkoman goes off to find the author off the comic!

See ya then!