23, and why do I keep bosting blogs?
by Gamerman

So, #23 is up, only a few more till 25! It contains one of the longest pannels I've ever done.

Why do I keep posting these blogs? I don't really need to. I should stop.

22 and banner update
by Gamerman

So, the baner has recieved an update.

Why?  Well,  go read  #22, now up and ready for you to read!

21, late update, words i can't spell
by Gamerman

So first, #21 is here, so yay!

Next, sorry my update is late. I went camping. couldn't be helped.

Finally, I learned i can't spell a certain word, even with spell check. Here's it phonetically.



Sickness, ideas, and #20
by Gamerman

So first of all I had a fever this week, and It's really messed everything up for me. But I STILL managed to get over it and brought you comicy goodness.

Next, I have a few ideas left, one being a specail for #25, But I'm bassically running out of plot. AGAIN.

I'd like to say that hitting artistic block is the worst thing EVER. Maybee even more suckish then having a fever.

I try to treat you guys well, and update each week even with my lack of fans. But sometimes it can be hard.

Also, this week's comic is up of course. I'm impartial on it and will wait 'till you guys tell me what you think.

If I can just make it to #25, I can keep this comic going a little while. Maybee long enough to get more ideas.

So, untill next time, take a look at these images, and tell me which one sould be me, our rather my avatar. don't forget to look at them full size. the site messed the one up in the thumbnail.

Re ORDERnising
by Gamerman

Get it? Ordernising intead of organising? Yeah....

Anyways, numbers 9 and 10 were reversed, so I went and fixxed that.

Also, weekly comic is up.

Finnaly, anyone notice we're getting close to 25 comics? How cool!