Re ORDERnising
by Gamerman

Get it? Ordernising intead of organising? Yeah....

Anyways, numbers 9 and 10 were reversed, so I went and fixxed that.

Also, weekly comic is up.

Finnaly, anyone notice we're getting close to 25 comics? How cool!

Extra page, # 18, specail surprise.
by Gamerman

So, I added an extra page, featuring stinkoman's game. Also, #18 is up, for those of you who didn't notice.

Anyone notice we're getting close to #25? Well, I may just have a surprise in store for it.

#17 and fixed baner
by Gamerman

First, I've fixed the baner now, so yay me.

Second, #17 is up. I was trying to only do one a week while I still had ideas,

but I couldn't resist. Enjoy the new comic!

site matinence
by Gamerman

So, most of my work is done now. I only have to fix the baner. It looks cool, but It's to big for some pages.

Yes that's right, after this my entire checklist is done. For the most part.

Oh, you'll see a strange figure when I add the new baner. He'll apear sooner than you think ;)

gaurd v.s. guard and #16
by Gamerman

So, it came to my attetion that while them comics spell it right, the tittles and tags spell guard as "gaurd."

I'll be fixing that. In the mean time, #16 will be up. I have a few episodes planned out afterwards, so I'll do them.

Here's my checklist:

*Update tags/titles                                        *Add #16

*work on next few comics                           *Edit site layout

*add favicon                                                  *make favicon