The Subscription drive
by Gamerman

Ok, wanna of the things I want are subscribers. Not only do they boost my ego, but I love to share my works with people. I'm kinda a jokester, and want people to smile.

So, what does this have to do with you? Well, from now on, until future notice, anyone who subscribes will be mentioned in an author blog. In addition, I will read your comic...or comics, as it may turn out. In addition, after passing certain numbers of subscribers, I will get off my lazy bum and do something extra that week just for all the readers. I haven't thought of what these are gonna be yet, but the levels are 25, 50, 100, 150 (and more to see XD), 200, and possibly more.

So subscribe today! Think of the children!

Sub # 17
by Gamerman

The newest sub is AprilNightLash. Welcome to the comic, and thanks for reading.

I wonder, can we reach 25? If we do....maybe something cool will happen...*wink wink*

I'm not dead...yet
by Gamerman

So, i got hit with some horrbile virus or something and pretty much passed out for an entire day. I'll have the have the comic for this week later, but I'mm still recovering.

by Gamerman

16th sub. This is number 16. Specz is the victor, give me all you nukes.

We've reached 15 subs.
by Gamerman

Sub number 15 is this guy. Thanks for the sub.!

So stinko-fans, we've finally reach number 15. Not very many, but still a number I'm proud of.

I'd like to take this cheesy blog post to thank you all for reading.