I'm not dead...yet
by Gamerman

So, i got hit with some horrbile virus or something and pretty much passed out for an entire day. I'll have the have the comic for this week later, but I'mm still recovering.

by Gamerman

16th sub. This is number 16. Specz is the victor, give me all you nukes.

We've reached 15 subs.
by Gamerman

Sub number 15 is this guy. Thanks for the sub.!

So stinko-fans, we've finally reach number 15. Not very many, but still a number I'm proud of.

I'd like to take this cheesy blog post to thank you all for reading.

caption contest results
by Gamerman

The caption contest is over!

Check out the results:

banner update
by Gamerman

I finnaly update the banner. It now features all the characters shown so far. Even the color guard has been changed, to show their current powered up forums. (Which personally, I like better.)

Also feturing the newmysterious figure. I thought I'd be clever, and make him look like Fat Chicken's shadow.