caption contest results
by Gamerman

The caption contest is over!

Check out the results:

banner update
by Gamerman

I finnaly update the banner. It now features all the characters shown so far. Even the color guard has been changed, to show their current powered up forums. (Which personally, I like better.)

Also feturing the newmysterious figure. I thought I'd be clever, and make him look like Fat Chicken's shadow.

free time is mine again!
by Gamerman

Well, my giant science project no longer looms over my sholder, so there's hope for an update this week.

In the mean time, i'm gonna go colaspe in a corner.

School sucks the life out of me
by Gamerman

Yeah, school suddenly decided to dropo a bomb of work on me, and I've been using all my comp time thus far trying to finish it.

In other words, no update this week. I'm just gonna try to relax this weekend. In addition to all that, I kinda flipped a bike so that I fell on my face. No damage to my teeth, but now I have a partial mustache made out of clotted blood. Yum...

So, do excuse me for all this. Have some appology cake.

sub 14 allready
by Gamerman

 icecoldfrost123 is lucky sub number 14!

What's up with this increase of readers recently?