School sucks the life out of me
by Gamerman

Yeah, school suddenly decided to dropo a bomb of work on me, and I've been using all my comp time thus far trying to finish it.

In other words, no update this week. I'm just gonna try to relax this weekend. In addition to all that, I kinda flipped a bike so that I fell on my face. No damage to my teeth, but now I have a partial mustache made out of clotted blood. Yum...

So, do excuse me for all this. Have some appology cake.

sub 14 allready
by Gamerman

 icecoldfrost123 is lucky sub number 14!

What's up with this increase of readers recently?

The organization
by Gamerman

Well, luck subscruber number 13 is on board! Welcome to the comic Bolderousness!

Now we can form a group plotting world domination...or something.

Kingdom Hearts Refrences aside, The comic this wekk will be a bit behind. Please be paitient.

12 subs! keep them comming!
by Gamerman

ladies and gents, I have a new sub! please welcome ranger_brian_new! Thanks for the sub.

I've seen you around the forums, and I'm glad to have you on board!


I'm really starved for attention -.-

season's greetings!
by Gamerman
Happy holidays everybody! From 20X6 to you, we all hope you enjoy this frozen time of year! Because in 20X6 it no longer snows. -stinkoman What did you get for christmas? I'm hoping to get to appear again. Enjoy the season for freazin'! -F.C. Merry christmas from the only logical cast member. I got a cool new hat! - 1-up Allright, off my computer guys! Oh, it's you guys! Merry winter-e-mas, and may you get many games this holiday season! Thanks for the subs and comments, keep em' comming! -Gman