by Gamerman

Yah, you may have noticed this weeks comic is dleayed... opps!

it will be up sometime this week, but obiously not normal time.

You can (unfortuanetly) conitnue to expect strange update times for awhile.

But on another note, I just realized this train thing is gonna be long. REEEAAALL long. I'm talking longer than most my previos plot arcs.

I'm thinling of giving it it's own chapter. (Yup, that long.)

Long story short, sorry about the dleay but you can expect many more comics in the future..

expect massive delays
by Gamerman
expect delays for another few weeks now. Computer related problems. I really need to back up my stuff....
Update soon!
by Gamerman

Hey guys, now that my summer vacation is over, you can probably expect more regular updates.

Yay for you, but it stinks for me.

Ah well, i guess this means no more 6:30 in the morning brawl sessions.

Back! Also, good and bad news....
by Gamerman

So, let's hear some good news!

I'm back, and this week i'll have two comics! The second one is going up on monday.

Who says mondays are all bad?

The bad news is you'll have to wait 'till next week for that hand drawn comic.

I did mention that 50 was going to be hand drawn right? Well.. It was, But now it will have to be 51.

disaster in my city...
by Gamerman
Once again, I can't update the comic... this time mother nature is to blame. A tornado touched down near where I lived.. so the resulting windstorm took out power everywhere. While my house has power.. the computer i use for the comic doesn't. In fact, I'm posting this blog on my 3DS. Anyways, sorry guys... mother nature hates me.. :0C