disaster in my city...
by Gamerman
Once again, I can't update the comic... this time mother nature is to blame. A tornado touched down near where I lived.. so the resulting windstorm took out power everywhere. While my house has power.. the computer i use for the comic doesn't. In fact, I'm posting this blog on my 3DS. Anyways, sorry guys... mother nature hates me.. :0C
by Gamerman
I'm so sorry I haven't been updating.... please forgive me... Stuff happens, ya know? Anyways, I promise as soon as I can I'll post up two comics.
no comic :(
by Gamerman

sorry, no comic this week. stuff happens.

by Gamerman

this week's comic will be delayed untill tomorow.

Sorry for delaying it so much frown

by Gamerman

exams. no real update this week. have horrible filler. me sleepy. go away now.