More subscribers! Heck yeah!
by Gamerman

Wow! 3 new subscriptions to Stinkoman:FCQ in one day!

That's gotta be a record..

Because it is.

Guest Comics by me
by Gamerman

Heck yeah! It's guest comic time!

I made a guest comic for Level 30 Psychiatry a few weeks ago, and this week they put it up!

Don't forget to see the rest  of the site while your there!

Bye to april fools, almost went on haitus.
by Gamerman

First, I took down the april fools page. You can still find it if you play around with the url.

Second, I almost went on haitus. Some stuff went down, but it's not gonna stop me form posting.

Really, don't worry about it. not terribly important.

rules for commenting
by Gamerman

some quick rules before you comment:

1. no profanity. If some people may call it a bad word, maybe not the best idea. Worsds like "Freakin' " and "crud" are fine.

2. please keep comments relative to the comic. Nothing like "how are you today?" or something worse.

3. no pervitedness.

Sick week
by Gamerman

Not doing a comic this week. I've been sick since monday.